Calle ou l'art de vivre

Calle is known largely for works combining texts and photographic images in a cool presentational style:
The Birthday Ceremony is her first major sculptural installation and it has been conceived especially for Art Now 14.

Although made in 1998 the work has its origins in the years 1980 to 1993 when Calle invented and sustained a series of private and shared rituals around her birthday.

These are now manifest as art, demonstrating how closely her life and her art are intertwined.

Over this fourteen-year period, aside from the occasional year of disruption, Calle held an annual dinner party on the evening (or around the time) of her birthday.

To each celebration she invited a group of friends and relatives, the precise number of invitees corresponding to the number of years of her age, with one additional, anonymous guest nominated by a chosen guest, in order to symbolise the unknown of her future.

Calle initiated these dinner parties to ensure that her birthday was remembered each year.
They were the most ambitious of a series of rituals Calle had invented to override an obsessive insecurity she experienced in early adulthood.

The guests brought gifts, tokens of love and affection, and these Calle displayed in a glass-fronted cabinet, as a constant reminder of this affection.

At the end of the year the objects were boxed up and put away, their places taken by the gifts of another birthday dinner party.
At stressful moments over the years Calle was able to unpack the boxes and reassure herself of her networks of support.

When she became forty in 1993, Calle realised she had been cured of this obsessive insecurity and no longer felt the necessity to recall her friendships and family ties in such a formal way.

.. Pour lire la suite: http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/artnow/sophiecalle/default.shtm

Text written by Frances Morris

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C'est fou non ? Info supra importante : Hier j'ai entendu Cibiolina Lavazza (!) blabla ,elle expliquait que à force de se masturber le clitoris, elle a fini par avoir des blèms de cystite...elle se masturbait jusqu'au bout...jusqu'au moment où c'est tout sec....parait qu'à la longue ça fatigue le vagin....ça m'fait penser à....hum....elle ,elle se masturbe 4 à 5 fois par jour et à la fin c'est comme la ciciolina...ça lui brûle le vagin hi !

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P'tit coucou!
Oooh je vois que tu as de la charmante visite sur ton blog...
Ce pauvre quinne n'a que ça à faire de ses journées, il ne faut pas lui en vouloir.

Écrit par : lena | 03/04/2006

Léna Hoy Léna !
T'as vu l'info "supra" importante ??
Ouhla, on se sent moins bête je crois ! :)
Bonne soirée !

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